Monday, 11 November 2013

Its my time now

When I watched Amy Adams "Master the Art of French Cooking" and dear Meryl Streep never give up on her dream, I thought - that could be me... I have a seriously weird attachment to that movie, so much that iv watched it about 70 times. Anyway moving along, what drew me to that movie was its simple yet profound message of really never, ever giving up, and the promise of succeeding when you try!

I love to draw.. I LOVE to draw.. I studied Architecture, graduated with a diploma, worked for a couple of high end practices in 2 countries, and eventually started a small studio from home. I'l post pictures of my studio soon. Im the first to admit, Im not the best designer, and my talents & skills need to be worked on. But I am passionate about design, changing lives through design, and seeing what I draw literally come to life! Im a firm believer that well thought out spaces, make living life so much more pleasurable.

All I'm saying is, there really isn't any reason why I can't do better.

So, what ever set backs there were before, what ever stopped me from following my passion through - (cue dramatic music) there are no more excuses. I may be late for 2013, but I'm well prepared for 2014!

"Its my time now" ;)

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