Saturday, 14 December 2013

Tata Madiba - #RIPNelsonMandela #MandelaMemorial #WeLoveYouTata

After a long walk to freedom, Tata Mandela has ended his journey. Tomorrow on 15 Dec 2013, we lay to rest our first democratic president at 95 years old, he has certainly walked a powerful walk. We're on the 9th day of the National 10 day Memorial Celebrations, paying respects to Nelson Mandela and his family. The tributes both national and international have been amazing and South Africa has really given the world a show of our character during this time. 

Did you see the flash mobs tributes? 
Did you hear we had a fake sign language guy interpreting ALL the congress and guest speakers speeches?  
Did you hear the entire nation in stadium boo'd our President JZ showing such public dislike and disrespect! Seems that their hate for him overwhelmed their grief in those moments. 
The crowds praised Obama so much that he couldn't even talk over the noise! Next years election might find him on the toll to run for president in SA, he just doesn't know it yet lol! 

The amount of personality we have here in SA amazes me. I love this country!!! 

I was privileged enough to write in the tribute book to the Mandela Family on 11/12/13, & this is what I wrote.

"Tata Madiba, thank you for the life you lived and the legacy you've left behind. I hope we can all pick up your baton in some way to continue to make SA a place of freedom. We love you, you will be missed. " 

The following pictures have been taken from twitter and various other places on the internet. 
link to twitter tributes:

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